Pet Adoption

Saturdays The Garden in Lighthouse Square Port Isabel,TX...

Pet Adoptions

 Events 421 Maxan Street Port Isabel, TX. LMHS 104 Maxan Street Like us on Facebook for more special adoptions Events, services South Padre Island, Port Isabel and Rio Grande Valley, TX. Contact us for more info 956-266-3140   

Laguna Madre Humane Society

Welcome to South Padre Island and Port Isabel,TX. located on the lower Laguna Madre Bay ....

Laguna Madre Humane Society

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2013 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX. 956-761-1966....

Laguna Madre Humane Society

411 E.Maxan  (on Light House Square behind Burger Shack) Port Isabel, TX. 78587 10am to 4pm 956-266-3140

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Laguna Madre Humane Society

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Pet Adoptions

Finding Good Homes for Pets :

It is not our story you need to know it is there storys here just a few, add your story, Adopt your best friend today........

Need a companion? We have plenty of great pets for adoption. The Shelter is open daily from noon to 4 PM for adoptions..

Adopting an animal from the Laguna Madre Humane Society. All our animals are up to date on their
shots and have been spay or neutered.

If you want to add your story all you need to do is Adopt a Pet today:

Adoptions events held weekly in Port Isabel, TX. in the Garden on Lighthouse Square or Laguna Madre Humane Society 104 E. Maxan, Port Isabel, TX. Today is the day you take your best friend home.


Just of Few of there story's we are still writing this....



personel bio pic(Chester): 8 weeks old when he brought to the Laguna Madre Humane Society with his litter mates.All were adopted out but Chester because he was very shy. Chester lived at the shelter until he was 18 months old. A family decided to foster him and socialize him. Well, Chester never left their home and is coming up on his one year anniversary as a part of thefamily pack. He's a great little dog that gets along with everyone.

personel bio pic(Deacon:): Meet Deacon. He is so happy, he just wants to fly into your arms! And with those ears, he just might make it. He is about 6 months old, fully vetted and appears to be a lab mix. He is not going to be more than 50lbs. He is very friendly and wants a home of his own. Please contact LMHS or the Port Isable shelter if you are interested in adopting Deacon. .

personel bio pic(Waffles): About 3 months and was rescued from the shelter because he was in need of TLC. He is Kenna approved and has been hand raised since before his eyes opened. He is such a sweetie and is currently in a foster home!!.

personel bio pic(Lucious): is a 7 month old male pup who is ready for a home of his own. He is fully vetted and very friendly! He has a lot of puppy energy but listens to commands. If you are interested in Lucious, please contact LMHS or the Port Isabel Shelter..

personel bio pic(Zoe): Zoe Update! She was adopted by this nice family from Brownsville last weekend. This is her with her new "Dad," Mark. She started her heartworm treatment yesterday at the Port Isabel Animal Clinic, paid for by the funds raised at our fundraiser. This picture was taken at the Clinic when Zoe came back for a check-up. She is doing awesome and gave me lots of kisses..

Animal Shelter 411 MAXAM, Port Isabel, TX. (956) 266-3140

...Adoptions, Clinic, Volenteer  at Lighthouse Square in Port Isabel...
Call 956-266-3140

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